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R + T / Messe Stuttgart has attended the APA General Assembly 2019

Date: 30-05-2019

R+T / Messe Sttugart attended the APA General Assembly 2019, May 23, 2019, incorporating in the agenda the item: APAExpo by R+T an opportunity to add synergies and advance in the internationalization of the International Automatic Doors Fair organized by APA.

APAExpo by R+T is a bet by APA and Messe Stuttgart / R+T for a defined and totally monographic show, as a “made to measure” event for the automatic door sector. With great adaptability and flexibility to new changes and challenges. With a differentiating value that provides dynamism to companies and the automatic door sector in an optimal and profitable way with national and international projection.

José Vicente Andreu, past president and current vice president of APA, thanked all the partners for the great work carried out by the Working Groups and their support to the Governing Board in its role and function of ensuring neutrality and transparency. Andreu reasoned the importance of continuing to consolidate the tools motivated and created by APA, as an example of an industrial association capable, with few resources, of developing and surprising its avant-garde initiatives at an international level. Congratulating the attendees for the total cohesion in the association's projects, from "common sense".