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APA Code of Ethics, as the basis of its alliances and collaborations with other entities and institutions

Date: 20-06-2019

APA, the Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, drew up its Code of Ethics with which to guarantee balanced relationships in principles and values ??with the entities, bodies and institutions with which it carries out projects and collaboration agreements, from an ethical, responsible and sustainable over time, capable of generating and creating value in the long term.

This code of ethics includes APA's commitment to collaborating national and international entities, bodies and institutions, to act according to values ??that guarantee integrity, honest, responsible behaviour, with transparency and absolute respect for current legislation, in all facets of the relationship and project.

Only in this way do we generate and sustain the trust and recognition that our SPANISH AUTOMATIC DOORS SECTOR and the INTERNATIONAL SECTORS and MARKETS deposit in our APA association, which constitute the foundation of our reputation, credibility and the guarantee of our long-term future.