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Historic APAExpo by R+T 

In March 2019, the APA Fairs and Events Working Group, by consensus of the exhibiting partners of FIPA, members of this Working Group, and Feria Valencia was renamed APAExpo, in order to unify its activity with the Working Groups: APA INTERNACIONAL, APA OMPA (Automatic Doors Market Observatory) and APA COMPANY REGISTRATION.

The event organized by Feria Valencia and APA in February 2019 was consolidated as a national and international benchmark fair, intensifying its assets with a view to its new appointment for 2025 as APAExpo by R+T.

The International Automatic Doors Fair, organized by Feria Valencia and APA, closed in its second edition 2019 with the recognition of the Spanish sector as a commitment to consolidated success, and the recognition of the European and international associations and competitions of the sector as a pioneer project of a monographic fair tailored to the productive sector and the market for automatic doors.

With more than a hundred exhibiting brands, national and international, which represented an increase of more than 40% compared to the first edition 2017, and a growth in exhibiting area of 100% compared to 2017.

 The 2019 International Fair organized by Feria Valencia and APA, increased the registration of visiting professionals by 56%, compared to 2017. Highlighting the presence of foreign professionals, among other countries, from: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia , Mexico, Lebanon, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Cuba, Italy, France, Mozambique, Mauritania, Portugal, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

With the presence at the event of a highly technical and professional visitor profile from various groups such as builders, architects, installers and maintainers, among others. All of them have highlighted the great offer in technical innovations, automatic doors and automation that has been presented at the monographic fair of the sector.

The 2019 international event was inaugurated with the presence of Rafael Climent, Minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment of the Generalitat Valenciana; María Dolores Parra, general director of Internationalization of the GVA; Natxo Costa, general director of Commerce and Consumption of the GVA; José Vicente González, president of APA; Enrique Soto, general manager of Feria Valencia; Kevin Pettiette, president of IDA, International Door Association, USA and Canada; Simone Bandle-Enslin, director of International Projects at Messe Stuttgart; José Vicente Andreu, president of APA; Ricardo Ricart, general secretary of APA and Javier Sánchez, coordinator of the GT Fairs and Events.

APAExpo by R+T, signing of the agreement between APA and Messe Stuttgart

On September 13, the signing of the collaboration contract between APA, the Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, and Messe Stuttgart / R+T took place. Messe Stuttgart / R+T represented by its president, Roland Bleinroth, and its vice president, Bernhard Müller; and APA through its president, J. Dídac Contreras, its general secretary, Ricardo Ricart, and the representatives of the APA Working Groups, Javier Sánchez, Enrique Lerma, Marta Cardona, Antonio Orantes and Rafael Sotomayor.

The objective of this agreement is to add synergies, resources and talent from both organizations to promote the next editions of the International Automatic Door Fair organized by APA, with the APAExpo by R + T brand, at a national and international level.

At the event, the cooperation and execution contract, their corresponding budgets and the ethical codes of both organizations were signed in order to guarantee balanced relationships in principles and values from an ethical, integral, responsible, transparent and sustainable management over time, generating and creating value in the long term.

A collaboration that seeks excellence at the International Automatic Doors Fair, nationally and internationally, through the contribution of the assets, experience and professionalism of Messe Stuttgart / R+T and APA, optimizing its innovative potential.

The representatives of APA and Messe Stuttgart / R+T highlighted that this contract endorses what is a decided commitment for the Spanish sector of automatic doors. Showing their satisfaction after signing the contract, pointing out the importance of promoting APAExpo by R+T together, based on the reputations and recognition of both organizations as benchmarks in the national and international markets.